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You can’t just do that. This isn’t how it works. Nobody does it that way.


Ruckus Racing wasn’t born from the traditional means of team racing. Every so often, there needs to be a shift in the way things are done. There needs to be a shift in the way teams are built, a shift in the way drivers evolve. This is Ruckus Racing, and we are leading the shift.


Team owner Scott Blind made his career in the automotive industry, building teams that fix anything on four wheels, returning vehicles to peak condition, traveling the world to keep the supply chain moving and keeping everyday drivers on the road.


His passion for speed and adventure ultimately led him to the kart track. This is where he fell in love with racing. This is where the fire was lit. Early on, Scott learned from the other racers around him. These students became his teachers.


Scott opened his doors to the kids at the track, asking for help working on his karts, setting them up for races, talking race theory and building friendships. He believed these young drivers deserved a chance. Strip away all the sponsorship hurdles, race team pedigrees, politics. Strip away the need for money that feeds a driver’s opportunity to get to the next level.


Ruckus Racing was born to be that chance. Ruckus Racing started with Karts in 2020, and it continues to evolve. Year after year, we have added more cars, joined more race circuits, and built a stronger team.


Today, the Ruckus Racing team is a place where passionate young drivers can do what they do best: push the limits. It is an open door for drivers to build their winning attitude and find success on the track.


We believe that fortune favors the fast. So, get in the fray, or get out of our way.